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Chalky Finish Furniture Paint

Use a Chalky Finish Furniture Paint that Leaves a Professional Finish

Fusion Mineral Paints are a chalky finish furniture paint that leaves a smooth finish every time. It contains a built-in sealer eliminating extra steps in your project and letting you move on to the next one quickly. Miss B’s Reloved Designs uses Fusion Mineral Paints exclusively for the coverage, durability and environmentally friendly composition that gives new life to old furniture. 


What Sets Miss B’s Reloved Designs Apart Regarding Chalky Finish Furniture Paint in Australia

Fusion Mineral Paint ticks all the boxes when it comes to coverage, finish and durability.

  • Fusion Mineral Paints provide excellent coverage, so a little goes a long way. You’ll love how quickly you can cover a project and enjoy the results.

  • Fusion Mineral Paints leave a smooth yet chalky finish and dries to a matte look. You can add wax, glaze or oils for a shinier finish if you feel the item needs a little lustre.

  • The built-in topcoat requires no sealing unless you want to protect a tabletop from frequent use, otherwise, when you’re done painting, you’re done with the project. The durable finish will be ready for whatever life you have in store for the piece.


Benefits of Chalky Finish Paint in Australia

Fusion Mineral Paints are so versatile your project ideas will be unlimited. With a wide range of colours including a few metallics, your creativity will find a beautiful and functional outlet.

  • Breathing new life into an old furniture piece is extremely satisfying. Instead of throwing out that used piece of furniture, paint it a bright new colour that adds dimension to a room. You will be recycling someone’s handiwork for future generations to enjoy.

  • Fusion Mineral Paints are eco-friendly and contain no VOC’s making them safe for use around children and pets. Its non-toxic qualities will make it your go-to paint time and again.

  • A chalky finish paint provides a beautiful finish that you’ll be proud to display. The matte finish is soft, and the addition of varnish will make it shine. The colours are bold yet understated and pleasing to the eye.

Why Trust Miss B’s Reloved Designs regarding Chalky Finish Paint

Miss B’s Reloved Designs uses Fusion Mineral Paints exclusively in workshops and on personal projects. The ease with which it covers a piece and the smooth, professional finish it leaves behind will have you seeking out new projects. Pair it with Cling On brushes that provide even coverage and are easy to clean. You will receive personal service so you can create your masterpieces out of furniture in need of a facelift. 

Passion in helping others achieve their creative potential when restoring old furniture and giving it new life is what drives Miss B’s Reloved Designs. Questions are always welcome to help keep your creative juices flowing. For more information on paints, workshops or general restoration advice, reach out either by phone or email for a quick response. 

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