When you start using a new range of products, you will have a million questions to ask. It can be quite daunting. I put together a whole lot of FAQs for you.


You will find answers to frequently asked questions about Fusion Mineral Paint, such as drying and curing time, application, prepping, number of coats required, difference between mineral paint, milk paint and chalk paint.


Learn how to maintain the CLING ON furniture painting brushes, how to avoid brush strokes and brush marks.


Navigate your way around the many different products you can purchase in our store and they are best used for.


You will also find useful tips on application techniques to achieve the best result for you painting projects every time.

I am also happy to answer any questions you may have.  Call me for a chat on 0403627018 or email me at bernadett@reloveddesigns.com.au.