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Why is Fusion Mineral Paint the Best Furniture Paint?

Why choose Fusion Mineral Paint for your next furniture painting project? So glad you asked! Fusion Mineral Paint is the furniture paint of choice among hobby furniture painters and professional furniture flippers.

Fusion Mineral Paint is Eco-Friendly and Health Safe

All Fusion Mineral Paint colours, waxes and glazes are Non-Toxic, Child & Pet Safe, Environmentally Friendly products with Zero VOC. Fusion Mineral Paint products are perfectly safe to use even for nursery furniture!

Fusion Mineral Paint is Very Easy to Apply

Only minimal prep work is required before using Fusion Mineral Paint, it is very easy to apply, provides great coverage and the built-in top coat ensures high durability. Fusion Mineral Paint dries to a beautiful smooth matt finish. No waxing or glazing is required unless you want to. The range contain beautiful waxes, glazes and oils if you wish to add lustre and sheen to your furniture piece.

Over 60 Stunning Colours to Choose From

The Fusion Mineral Paint colour palette is beautiful, and the colours work really well together, so there are unlimited number of colour combinations you can choose from. The colours can be mixed together if you wish to create your own custom colors. There are also 9 gorgeous metallic colours included in the range to add some extra glamour and shimmer to your pieces.

Be sure to choose Fusion Mineral Paint for your next furniture painting project, and see for yourself what the hype is about. I can guarantee it will be love at first brush stroke!

Shop with confidence, we fast deliver Fusion Mineral Paint Australia wide!

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