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Milk Paint by Fusion

Milk Paint by Fusion is a modern twist on the traditional milk paint. It is zero VOC, easy to mix, very durable, versatile and dries super fast.

With 25 beautiful shades inspired by everyday moments to Insta-worthy travel destinations, you can be sure to find the perfect colour for your space.  Simply finish with Fusion Hemp Oil or one of the creative waxes.

Why Choose Milk Paint by Fusion? There is so Much to Love!

  • Easy to use - Just add water, mix and go

  • Safe - Zero VOC

  • Smooth finish - No brush strokes

  • Ultra durable

  • Very versatile - can be used on furniture, walls or any other interior or exterior surfaces

  • No chipping or peeling on porous surfaces

  • No previous painting experience required – just as easy to use for the first-time painter as the seasoned pro

  • Super fast cure time - 30 minutes only, it’s the fastest drying paint on the market!

  • Planet-friendly – Milk Paint by Fusion lasts forever, just mix the amount you need and save the rest for your next project

  • Get your look - smooth as silk, crackle and pop, elegantly distressed or chippy chic

We ship Australia wide, shop with confidence!

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