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CLING ON Brushes Are The Best

Furniture Painting Brushes in Australia

Designed by a Dutch professional painter and handmade in The Netherlands these amazing brushes will give you a flawless result with practically no brush strokes. 

CLING ON brushes feature soft and durable DuPont synthetic filaments fully locked in epoxy cement to minimise shedding, a stainless steel ferrule and a beech wood handle. Available in 4 shapes: round, oval, flat and bent, they are the best furniture painting brushes on the market in Australia. 

CLING ON features: - Extremely strong... but still gentle! - Extreme durability - Amazing shape retention - Work very well with Fusion Mineral Paint - Super easy to clean - Superb cutting in - Minimise brush marks for a smoother finish - Super soft - Super affordable!

CLING ON brushes are easy to maintain so you can enjoy many happy furniture painting projects. Check out the FAQs to read more about how to look after our CLING ONs.

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CLING ON furniture painting brushes
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