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CLING ON! Brushes

CLING ON! Brushes Ensure a Smooth Brush Stroke Free Finish with Easy Clean Up

For a smooth finish on your furniture restoration project, use CLING ON! furniture painting brushes that leave a smooth, streak-free finish. Miss B’s Reloved Designs uses CLING ON brushes in furniture painting workshops, so your project has beautiful results. You’ll fall in love with the easy clean-up and storage of these super durable brushes. They are designed to last for years with proper care, and will provide you hours of creative enjoyment.

Tips for Getting More Value Out of CLING ON! Paint Brushes in Australia

As with anything in life, if you take proper care, it will last longer. CLING ON brushes will last for years if you take adequate care of them and it couldn’t be easier.

•    CLING ON! brushes are designed to be used moist, so be sure to run them under cool water and wring out any excess before use. This step will make cleaning up much easier and aids in the brushes’ ability to distribute paint evenly without leaving brush strokes.
•    When you are finished or need to change colours simply rinse under warm water and repeat. When used with Fusion Mineral Paint’s eco-friendly ingredients, you don’t have to worry about rinsing your brushes in the sink.
•    Storing is easy with a jar and a clip. Suspend your brush in a jar of water using a large clip and the paint will fall right out of your brush. Once completely clean, it will be ready for your next project.

Creative Ways to Use Cling On Brushes in Australia

CLING ON brushes are designed to make furniture restoration fast and easy. These brushes are shed-free using state of the art Dupont filaments that are resistant to breakage and provide a smooth finish.

•    The oval series provides excellent coverage for all over painting and are especially useful for painting furniture legs and spindles. They are great for detailed areas as are the round series of brushes.
•    The flat brushes make quick work of large surface areas. The smooth finish left behind is perfect for cabinet painting, staining, and poly applications. For larger areas try the block brush and get more done quickly.
•    The angled series of brushes make hard to reach areas accessible to your design. Anywhere you can’t reach with one of the other brushes; an angled brush will come to the rescue.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Buy Cling On Brushes

CLING ON brushes offer so many benefits from a smooth finish to easy clean up, it makes economic sense to invest in their quality. They are exceedingly durable and, with proper care, are designed to last for years. Once you experience the smooth finish they leave behind without shedding; you’ll be searching for more projects to tackle. They work with all types of mediums and your creative options are unlimited.

If you want to know where to buy CLING ON brushes, check out our website where we offer a full range of shapes and sizes for your restoration project. While there, why not browse our workshops and gallery for more creative ideas for your new brushes.

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