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Fusion Metallic Paint

Purchase Fusion Metallic Paint from Miss B’s Reloved Designs 

Have you tried Fusion metallic paint for your crafts? This line of paints is a must-have for any crafter that enjoys creating custom furniture with bold, eye-catching colours. As an eco-friendly and non-toxic alternative to many of the harsher products on the market, it is perfectly safe to use on any home décor project. 

What Sets Miss B’s Reloved Design Apart Regarding Fusion Metallic Paint in Australia 

We know the value that this brand provides to home décor projects. When you opt to use it, we assist in the following ways: 


  • Friendly advice: Are you at a loss about what colour to use? Do you need to speak with someone about your ideas? Our team is here to help. We love crafting just as much as you do and we are always available to talk about your project or guide you on which Fusion metallic paint to use in Australia. 

  • An extensive selection: Our online store carries over 60 colours from this line. There are nine metallic colours to choose from while the rest of the options can be mixed and matched to add unique details to your project. 

  • The right tools: Paint is only half of what you need to create an original item. Our online store also carries other necessities including brushes, gloves and high-quality stencils. Remember that the type of brush you use will vary depending on your surface so make sure to click on each item for a full explanation to see how best you can use it. 

Related Services We Provide to Fusion Metallic Paint in Sydney 

We provide our clients with more than just options for quality paint. Other associated services that we offer include: 


  • Furniture painting workshops: If you want to try your hand at making your own beautiful piece of furniture or home décor item, make sure that you register for one of our courses. We run our classes in small groups to ensure that you receive individual attention. Our studio provides a relaxing environment so you can devote your attention to your technique. 

  • Deliveries throughout Australia: We want painters all over the country to enjoy Fusion metallic paint in Sydney as soon as possible. Your order is processed quickly to ensure that you receive your item promptly. 

  • Other Fusion products: The pride that you feel when you complete painting a piece of furniture is indescribable. To add a final touch of flair, make sure to apply a coat of Fusion finisher. Keep in mind that certain finishes should be used on specific material so don’t hesitate to ask us for help in making the right choice. 

Why Trust Miss B’s Reloved Designs Regarding Fusion Metallic Paint? 

The staff at Miss B’s Reloved Designs has a passion for creating incredible pieces of furniture using Fusion metallic paint. Our goal is to help inspire you to explore your imagination and create something that you can be proud to display to your friends and family. 

For more information about our selection or to place your order, send us a message. 

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