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Fusion Mineral Paint Australia

Use Your Creative Energies to Play with Fusion Mineral Paint in Australia

If you’re seeing your beloved furniture age and lose its lustre over time, you need to consider using fusion mineral paint in Australia. You can save money, give new life to your furniture, and flex your creative muscles in one go when you buy fusion paint in Australia.

Creative Ways to Use Fusion Mineral Paint in Australia

The possibilities are endless – here are several ways you can use Fusion paint.

  • Restore a wooden chest that’s lost its original paint or has a bland colour scheme. You can use vibrant, water-based mineral paints that bring the wood back to life. Accent metal latches with a matching colour, bring the chest in line with the wall colour or darken wood that’s too light to match your furniture.

  • Prepare a room as you’re waiting for the newest addition to your family to arrive. Select a colour scheme and match all the furniture based on an array of complementary colours. Evoke the openness of the beach or the peace of a deep forest.

  • Customise basic furniture to express your personality with any of our 60 colours. Paint drab kitchen chairs with a solid cranberry to go with a chocolate table for a pleasing colour combination.

Related Services We Provide to Fusion Paint in Australia

We believe that every painter needs the right tools for the job, and we stock various accessories to help.

  • Prep, accents, and finishes to give you greater control over your creative designs and lock in the colours you’ve chosen. Each of these is made with the same care and quality as our primary paints.

  • Stencils to have crisp, clear boundaries on any surface you choose. Include inspirational phrases, steampunk designs, and antique clocks to give more character to your walls or furniture. 

  • CLING ON brand of brushes to have the perfect blend of power and control. Paint exactly where you want to paint with a brush that outlasts the competition.

  • Sandi Hands gloves to make sanding off the old paint a breeze. Attach the sandpaper to the gloves and scrape away. You’ll be done and ready to paint before you know it.

Why Trust Miss B’s Reloved Designs to Buy Fusion Paint Online?

Much like you’d trust an author to give you feedback on a short story, you can rely on us to help you with creative paint designs and quality materials. We have a lifetime of experience working with crafts, finding the perfect paints and combinations of colours to evoke any mood.

We are passionate about painting and restoring furniture, for seeing a run-down chair or table transform before our eyes into a wholly new and revitalised piece. It retains the personality of age while expressing the vibrancy of the new, and in many ways is superior to a newly-made piece of furniture. Contact us to run through some ideas for how you can get creative with your old furniture.

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