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Mineral Paint for Furniture

Use Mineral Paint For Furniture, and Make it Beautiful and New

At Miss B’s Reloved Designs we are confessed furniture ‘paintaholics’ who use mineral paint for furniture and would love to infuse you with our enthusiasm, passion and know-how.

Why Trust Miss B’s Reloved Designs Regarding Mineral Paint for Furniture in Australia?

We run fun workshops on weekends where we teach you to create magic using different products and techniques to achieve a multitude of styles. Regardless of your taste, from French provincial, urban modern or shabby chic, there is something for everyone.

  • Experience: We have experience in transforming furniture into useable, interesting and beautiful works of art. Customers commission us to work for them, and others ask us to teach them.

  • Passionate: This business was born out of passion and has gone full circle in learning and perfecting various techniques. Our passion is evident in the reloved items we sell, and the project focused workshops we offer.

  • Quality: To ensure you are happy with the result we prep items before painting and only make use of the highest quality products available. We supply mineral paint for furniture in Sydney. 

Problems Miss B’s Reloved Designs Addresses 

Painting furniture and creating beauty is an excellent way of life, yet one needs to be mindful of and to the environment. We care for the environment and operate ethically and environmentally friendly.


  • VOC’s: These volatile organic compounds, known as solvents are released into the air as paint dries and cause acute symptoms such as eye, nose and throat irritations, cause nausea and headaches and even damage the liver, kidney and central nervous system. 

  • Product availability: We use and sell environmentally friendly products that have zero VOC’s and have superior durability. 

  • Recycling: By educating people on how to upcycle rather than replace, we pass on the eco-friendly ethos we live by and help people understand the value of using eco-, child- and pet-friendly products in the process of upcycling.

It is a rewarding process to upcycle, especially when you breathe new life into a piece of furniture which you have loved and you do not want to part with yet. Doing all that in an environmentally friendly manner adds to the value of the process. 

Why Customer Should Use Miss B’s Reloved Designs

This is a home-based business from where we ship your products nationwide. We have a continuous stream of new customers, as well as a large group of returning customers. By appointment, we consult with our customers before embarking on the upcycle project to fully comprehend the end goal enabling us to advise on the best products and techniques to achieve the desired outcome. We sell the products you need to convert your items which need tough love and have results you love all over again. 

Give us a call and embark on loving your furniture all over again, stroke by stroke. 

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