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Online Paint Shop

Miss B’s Reloved Designs Online Paint Shop Ships Orders Nationwide

When you order paint from an online paint shop to paint your furniture, be sure you order from a company that has a good reputation and a passion for reloved items. This mindfulness will ensure they have your best interest at heart. 

Why Trust Miss B’s Reloved Designs Regarding Your Order of Furniture Paint Online?

We are enthusiastic and love discussing your projects with you. Drawing from our experience and product knowledge we gladly advise you regarding which techniques and products are best suited to your project.


  • Prep pieces: Before prepping the items to paint; ensure they are clean. Meticulously remove the cleaner afterwards and remember to turn that item over where all the dirt usually sits. Then sand and prime. We offer online guidelines and stock products to use in this first important step.

  • Paint selection: The existing surface of the item you are going to paint plays a role in determining the type of paint you would use. We choose to sell eco-friendly mineral paint, with a creamy consistency and does not require sealing to be waterproof or stain resistant. These products are versatile to achieve various looks. You can rely on us to correctly guide you in your paint selection.

  • Amount of Paint: Although everyone understands that quantity is dependent on size and coverage, we have an online guide in our FAQ section which can give you a broad idea of the amount you may need.

Related Services We Provide to Our Online Furniture Paint Store

Should you order furniture paint online, rest assured that we do not leave you to your own devices. ​


  • Skill level: Bernadette prefers to have a comprehensive chat with our customers to determine their level of skill, product knowledge and to understand current projects. This conversation then enables us to give the correct advice and guidance relevant to each client’s skill set, project and knowledge of the products to be used.

  • Customer care: This is a labour of passion for us, and we hold your hand from start to finish and after that continue delivering exceptional after sales service.

  • Quality: Having worked on many of her own and also on commissioned projects, Bernadette understands the importance of quality products. All the items offered for sale in our online furniture paint store is of the highest quality, from the stencils and brushes to the paints.

What You Stand to Lose if You Don’t Use Miss B’s Reloved Designs

You will be missing out on Miss B’s friendly and personal service. Knowledge and superior customer service are what add value to shopping for your furniture paint requirements at Miss B’s Reloved Designs online shop. The online FAQs are extensive and well answered. Our site is easy to use and provides a wealth of information. If you are close to North Ryde NSW, why not consider attending a workshop or two to enhance your own skill set and product knowledge?

Share your passion with Miss B’s Reloved Designs; it is an experience you will not regret.

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