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An ode to Manhattan and all of its urban design appeal, this modern neutral was created to add an element of sophistication to any space.


Milk Paint by Fusion is a modern twist on the classic milk paint. It has a super durable mix-and-go formula that offers many creative options. 

- Zero VOC

- Hardly any prep work is required

- No brush strokes

- Ultra durable

- Super versatile - furniture, walls and any interior or exterior applications

- Creative options for the look and feel of your pieces from smooth to chippy chick

- Can be used on any surfaces

- Mix in Fusion Ultra Grip bonding agent for shiny, glossy surfaces

- Dries super fast, cures in 30 minutes! 

- Easy to distress for a boho, shabby chic look

- Needs to be sealed with Hemp Oil, wax or Stain & Finishing Oil

Gotham Grey

  • This zero VOC formulated product line consists of curated mix-and-go shades. Milk Paint by Fusion flips the perception of milk paint on its head, and will bring an instant boost of colour to your space.

    The feel-good shades are inspired by every day moments and Insta worthy travel destinations.


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