Add extra shine and protection to you pieces with Fusion Tough Coat Gloss Wipe-on Poly! Perfect for those high traffic surfaces such as table or bench tops. This non-yellowing water-based wipe-on sealer is easy to apply and dries to a glossy finish.


To mix it up, roll the bottle gently. Do not shake, as it will induce bubbles. Apply two coats of Glossy Tough Coat with a foam brush or applicator pad all over to ensure it seals and finishes properly. Use thin layers and wait 2-4 hours between applying coats.


Tough Coat Glossy Wipe-On Poly

  • All Fusion™ products are non-toxic, lead free, virtually odorless and have no volatile organic compounds (VOC) and contain no ammonia or formaldehyde.


    Fusion™ requires minimal prep work, easy to apply, built in top coat, no waxing or on-going maintenance necessary! It dries to a smooth matte finish.