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From Champagne Bottles to Decorative Candle Holders Using Fusion Mineral Paint

Perfect when you feel like a fun smaller painting project

Champagne bottles painted with Fusion Mineral Paint

Fusion Mineral Paint is really versatile and can be used on almost all surfaces. It is also great for creative ideas such as these champagne bottles that I turned into decorative candle holders. It turned out such a fun little home decor painting project!

When painting glass, the prep work includes a thorough clean with Fusion TSP Degreaser and the application of a thin coat of Fusion Ultra Grip primer which helps the paint adhere to the shiny surface. So no sanding is required at this stage.

After the application of three thin coats a light sanding with a fine sand paper (600 grit) ensured a super smooth finish. I used Redesign with Prima transfers and Decor Moulds to decorate the bottles. The raised elements got more depth with Fusion Clear Glaze tinted with Fusion Mineral Paint Ash, and the dry-brushing with Fusion Mineral Paint Casement made them really pop.

Champagne bottle painted with Fusion Mineral Paint Bellwood
Fusion Mineral Paint Bellwood

I let them dry for a day or two and then applied a coat Fusion Tough Coat Matte Wipe-On Poly for extra protection. Finally I added some extra decorative elements such as pearls, beads and a hessian rose that I painted with Fusion Mineral Paint Coal Black and attached to a thin satin ribbon using a glue gun.

I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please leave your comments, feedback or any questions you might have below.

Thanks for reading and Happy Painting! 💙


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