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Wooden Crate Makeover Using Fusion Mineral Paint

Updated: Jan 25, 2021

Fusion Mineral Paint Linen might not be for everyone, but I think it should be!

Fusion Mineral Paint Linen is a murky, earthy colour. I was looking at it for so long, and - I am going to be totally honest here - unlike with most Fusion colours, it was not love at first sight. That's ok, I thought, I don't have to adore every single colour in the range, right? So, I did not touch it, and did not think I was going to.

Until during an impulse visit to IKEA, I came across this bare pine wooden crate that had showed serious painting potential. I thought it would make a great workshop project, so I immediately grabbed one, and as I was walking the 25 kms to checkout, I started to think of colours and techniques.

Oh, picking the colour(s) is one of the best and potentially the most agonising part of furniture painting. There are so many amazing Fusion Mineral Paint and Milk Paint colours, it can be really tough to chose. I was thoroughly suprised that Linen came to mind! I knew I wanted it to create a rustic and 'olde worlde' look, so drybrushing and stencilling were also going to play a part.

By the time I drove home, the plan had already crystallised in my head. So, I quickly set to work! I painted two coats of Linen as my base. I already loved it, the colour looked just perfect on the crate! I waited four hours between coats and after the second coat, I drybrushed the whole surface, but accentuating the edges with Fusion Mineral Paint Picket Fence.

I had this super cute stencil I knew would look fantastic on the crate. I had to work section by section on the slates and had to cut the chook in half, but it came out really well.

And here it is, the finished project. It was an easy job, that resulted in a great decorative piece. Doesn't it have so much more character now?

Wooden IKEA crate painted and stencilled with Fusion Mineral Paint
Painted wooden crate

If you would like to paint this create in an upcoming workshop, you can book your spot here.

Thanks for reading and Happy Painting!


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